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Downloads high-definition videos and saves them for offline viewing

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Free Video Downloader allows you to have high quality video that you can download straight to your computer.

If you are an avid lover of YouTube or simply love watching videos on the internet, you probably want to have access to the same videos even if you are not connected to the internet. Thankfully, this is incredibly easy for you to accomplish when using a program like Free Video Downloader. Free Video Downloader has been specifically created to allow you to download just about any type of video from the internet as a hard copy to your computer. You can then watch these videos when using your laptop while traveling, or you might even want to burn them to a CD for your later viewing pleasure.

Why Use Free Video Downloader?

The reason it is a good idea to use Free Video Downloader is because it enables you to download videos straight to your computer in a high quality and professional manner. You will have the exact same video on your computer that you were watching on the internet, and the only difference is that you will not have to be connected to the internet in order to watch these videos. This is ideal for television shows that you can find online, or you might even use the program to download videos that you can burn to a CD and play in the car during long car rides.

How it Can Benefit You

There are many reasons for why people are downloading and utilizing Free Video Downloader each day. One of the major benefits to using this program is that it allows you to easily and quickly download multiple video files to your computer without using very much space. This allows you to have the computer running to its full capacity without worrying that it is losing its power due to having too many videos downloading at once in the background. So many individuals have used this program with great success, so it is important for you to consider downloading it and utilizing it in your own life for the exact same reason other people are using it.


Installation of Free Video Downloader is quick and easy, as well as being totally free on your part. You do not have to spend any money to use this program, even after you have downloaded it to your computer. Every feature that is available within the program is completely free, allowing you to save tons of money when compared to other programs that offer the same types of features for a fee. Being able to save money while also having great access to all of your favorite videos is exactly what you need to feel confident in everything that you are being able to download to your computer at virtually any time.

Pros of Using Free Video Downloader

  • Great video quality upon download.
  • Free software program at all times.
  • Allows you to download multiple videos at the same time.

Cons of Using Free Video Downloader

  • Can sometimes have lagging issues.
  • Requires space to be used on your computer in order to download.

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